Flash-based Bass Tuner and Guitar Tuner

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No flash? Choose from the YouTube bass tuning note videos in the playlist above.

Ready to Tune Up Your Guitar or Bass?

Above you will find the tunemybass.com online tuner. It provides tuning notes for guitar or bass guitar in any tuning. And, it's a lot more fun than a tuning fork or pitch pipe! You can use bass sounds, guitar sounds, or a sine wave reference tone. I think the sine wave is easiest to tune to.

The online tuner requires your browser to have Flash Player installed. I highly recommend you upgrade to Flash Player Version 9 both to use the tuner and for your browser security.

How to Use the Online Tuner:

  1. choose your instrument
  2. select from the preset tunings for your bass or guitar
  3. wait for your tuning to load
  4. hover your mouse over each string to hear the tuning note

Custom Tuning Presets

On the custom tuning tab you can create your own instrument tuning, select it's sound (bass, guitar, or sine wave), and give it a name. You can find that tuning on your computer under the "My Presets" button whenever you return to the site.

Guitar Tuner/Bass Tuner Defaults

You can specify a default tuning on the "My Settings" tab. Select your tuning as above. When it's what you want, go to the "My Settings" tab and click the button to make it your default tuning. Whenever you return to tunemybass.com, you'll go straight to that tuning loaded with your sound and reference pitches.

You can also set your default note volume on the "My Settings" tab.

Available Preset Tunings

4-string bass guitar tunings Standard, Drop D, 1/2-Step Down, Full-Step Down, Drop C, Low B
5-string bass guitar tunings Standard with Low B, Standard with High C, Standard 1/2-Step Down, Standard Whole-Step Down, High C 1/2-Step Down, High C Whole-Step Down
6-string bass guitar tunings Standard, 1/2-Step Down, Full-Step Down
7-string bass guitar tunings Standard, 1/2-Step Down, Full-Step Down
6-string guitar tunings Standard, Drop D, 1/2-Step Down, Full-Step Down, Open G, Open D, Open C, Open E, New Standard Tuning (Robert Fripp's Tuning)
7-string guitar tunings Standard with Low A, Standard with Low B

How to Tune Tutorials

If you don't know how to tune a bass or guitar by ear, read the bass guitar tuning faq for an explanation. I'm a bassist and write for bass players, but it applies to guitar, too.

Elsewhere on TuneMyBass.com...

In addition to the online bass and guitar tuner, Tune My Bass has many technical articles geared towards bass players and guitar equipment. Here you'll find topics like tuning a bass, how to string a bass properly, a bass buying guide, how to setup your bass so that it plays well, how to hook up amps, and other important things bass and guitar players should know.

My Other Site

If you're interested in playing the bass, please visit my site studybass for bass lessons and theory lessons.You'll find a lot of cool stuff there, including my online program which lets you print out the fretboard notes for most scales and arpeggios in any tuning for any stringed instrument. It also prints diagrams of natural harmonics. You may also find the online metronome useful. I'm adding new lessons and tools to that site all the time.

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